View Full Version : ISS to eclipse Jupiter

2004-May-12, 03:29 PM
If you're in just the right place (http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/12may_issjupiter.htm)

2004-May-12, 03:34 PM
I like how "the right place" is a mere 80 meters wide. I also like the fact that even if it's only 80 meters wide there will soon be a video circulating the internet that an amateur astronomer took in that miniscule path of totality for all of us to enjoy. Thanks in advance to the person who will do that!
Hereabouts the station will be around magnitude 1 and hug the horizon but if it's clear enough I'll take a look. :)

2004-May-12, 03:38 PM
Shouldn't this be a frequent thing to happen? Moving on Earth changes the apparent location of the ISS in the sky a lot, so there often should be plenty of places from where you can get the ISS in front of Jupiter.
If you think it the other way, it should be clear what I mean: Seen from Jupiter, the ISS should be pretty often in front of the Earth.


2004-May-12, 04:23 PM
I like how "the right place" is a mere 80 meters wide.

If you don't have a good GPS locater, you're out of luck!

2004-May-13, 04:33 AM
:( it looks like us new yorkers wont get a good look at it. the worst part is that i just figured out that i am about 5 miles from "the right place" i sure would have enjoyed the view! i hope someone gets it

2004-May-14, 01:50 AM
I got a nice look at the ISS as it went over, a few degrees west of Jupiter from where I was. Near the zenith, it was about as bright as Jupiter. I didn't try to get in position for the eclipse.