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2004-May-14, 05:35 AM
HB means Hoax Believers, so I'm assuming it's okay to call these people MHB (Mars Hoax Believers)

I think you might get a kick out of this...

On another board I posted...

And you thought the Moon Hoax Believers were funny

Well,.. they've joined hands with a different group of people... The MARS Hoax Believers

They are so far gone,.. it's sad,.. it's funny,... and makes me wonder if perhaps chemical castration isn't called for just so they won't spread their DNA.

What do they believe?

They believe large clumps of living green algae are on mars even though the pictures we see are not "real" color.

They believe there is a face on mars because of shadows, even though every other picture of the spot has simply shown it to be a mound of dirt.

They believe there is a white "bunny" on mars and the Opportunity rover ran it over on purpose (because the rover moves THAT fast #-o ). Yes that's right ladies and gentleman,.. they believe we found life on Mars... and NASA killed it.

Damn those evil war like NASA people!

They say there is a huge glass worm (50 meters across and a few miles long) on Mars.

I can only guess they thought DUNE was a non-fiction book.

Now this was the response I got from a normal, everyday HB...

we HAVE made contact with aliens. They've arrived here in ships already. Haven't you heard?

You think I'm kidding?
The ships are everywhere.

You'll really start hearing about it in the mainstream media soon enough I suppose. Should be fun and entertaining viewing.

2004-May-14, 07:58 AM
They've started appearing in Mexico I guess.. 1 down..

2004-May-14, 08:37 AM
Blah they are all wrong because we know that the whole Mars rover thingie is a hoax. Don't you think it is just a little convenient that the only information we are getting from Mars is through American "Probes"? Isn't it unsual that when the Russians or Europeans attempt, their probes go missing under mysterious circumstances?

The answer is totally obvious to anyone that is open minded enough to see it. The US Goverment is in league with the Martian Grays and so are doing everything they can to deceive us and hide the truth about the real civilisation on Mars. They use faked photos to fool and confuse the masses, delibertely inserting anomalies into them to keep people like RCH busy barking up the wrong tree and away from the truth. This is what is really going on, this is why the images have their anomolies, this is why things like the "Face" and "Glass worms" were created and why Beagle 2 was shot down.

I'd go into this thing a lot deeper, showing how the Martian Grays have manipulated and controlled us through all of History, from "Adam and Eve" through to present day USA. How they were the driving force behind Israel and how the Ancient Israelites has access to Gray tech which was hidden inside the Ark of the Covernant. I would tell you about how Jesus was really an Alien-Human hybrid born through artifical insemination and gifted with powerful mind abilities which gave him his "healing" ability, how he killed by the Gray's Reptilian enemies but was raised to life using Martian Tech and then transported to Mars from the Mt of Olives, being taken to the "New Jerusalem" (Which is just a massive space ship) and how soon the Grays will arrive here to take over, but I have to finish making it up so I can write the books.