View Full Version : Is this another kook story

2004-May-14, 12:02 PM
Now isn't that at 17000 light years away so how would it affect us in 2005

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2004-May-14, 12:29 PM
It may be 17000 lightyears away, but if we saw it turn into a supernova nearly 20 years ago, it means that it actually happened some 16980 years ago. And if some bad stuff got on its way with lightspeed some 20 years after the nova, it should arrive here some 20 years after we saw the nova.

But this doesn't mean in any way that there is anything going to happen ;-)


Kaptain K
2004-May-14, 12:30 PM
Yes, it is a kook story. A supernova produces light (which got here 17 years ago), neutrinos (which actually got here a few minutes before the light) and a shock front (which dissipates in a few tens of light years and will never get here).

By the way, it is 170,000 light years away (you missed a zero).