View Full Version : Does it rain ammonia, methane, ethane in gas giant atmospheres?

Bad Ronald
2011-Apr-19, 04:37 PM
I know there's a "hydrological" cycle on Titan, but are there rainstorms in the clouds of the gas giants raining down NH3, CH4, etc et al, as well as H20? I imagine some regions may precipitate a mix of these compounds, whereas in others it only rains one of them.

2011-Apr-19, 11:15 PM
I don't see why this wouldn't happen in any atmosphere where composition, pressure, and temperature would allow such reactions. After all, Jupiter and Saturn have cloud layers of differing compositions at various altitudes, and on hot jupiters it's been speculated that even silicate "clouds" and "rains" are possible.

John Xenir
2011-Apr-20, 10:23 AM
Some scientists suppose there might be helium rain in Jupiter and Saturn.