View Full Version : Astronomy Cast on the Wii?

2011-Apr-25, 11:01 PM
I just found out the Wii browser does not like MP3s, therefore won't play the Astronomy Cast.

Is there any chance that the casts could be made in several formats for different devices? Or is this already done and I am simply pointing my browser to the wrong place?

2011-Apr-25, 11:04 PM
Oh, rather than edit... here is one more tid-bit about the Wii browser.

They did play MP3s when first released but that changed with either an update via the web (for older machines) or as time passed they started coming like this new out of the box.

2012-Mar-11, 04:38 AM
It appears that the last update to astronomycast.com has included a new player that works on the wii.

You guys are awesome!