View Full Version : On the Cusp of Endeavourís Final Flight

2011-Apr-29, 01:50 PM
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, April 28 – All systems are GO here at the Kennedy Space Center as the countdown clocks tick down to the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Supercool cryogenic fuels are now being loaded into the External Tank as of Friday morning. The STS-134 launch is slated for Friday, April 29 at [...]

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2011-Apr-29, 01:55 PM
Good! I'm glad! GOOD RIDDANCE to the shuttle. Let's get out of LEO and on to Mars, or at least back to the Moon. :mad:

I'm sick to death of the wimpy "space program" which we've endured since seeming forever.

LONG LIVE APOLLO!! Let's get back to REAL manned space exploration.