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2011-Apr-30, 11:10 PM
The mention of cosmic-scale magnetic fields is still likely to met with an uncomfortable silence in some astronomical circles – and after a bit of foot-shuffling and throat-clearing, the discussion will be moved on to safer topics. But look, they’re out there. They probably do play a role in galaxy evolution, if not galaxy formation [...]

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2011-May-01, 02:44 PM

In this article, Steve Nerlich states (emphasis added):

There’s also Zeeman splitting, where spectral lines – which normally identify the presence of elements such as hydrogen – may become split in light that has passed through a magnetic field.

That statement could easily be taken to mean that the Zeeman Effect operates on the light as it propagates through a magnetic field. That is not the case.

The Zeeman Effect lifts the degeneracy of atomic or molecular energy levels. The magnetic field must be present at the location of the atomic or molecular species being observed.

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