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2011-May-01, 06:11 PM
having had several friendly warnings and one suspension during my short time here at baut (mainly for posting things that may hurt the feelings of the 'fragile' or the 'precious') i find it quite hypochritical that people using the term 'woo' to refer to people of an opposing opinion seem to get away scot free.

i am sure that people using this term are subconsciously invoking the the misheld belief that: nonwoo > woo
and in doing so are guilty of a certain brand of prejudice that i have labelled 'wooism'


thank you.

2011-May-01, 06:21 PM
The CT forum is most definitely not the place for you to stand on a soap box and complain about the behavior of others. The term "woo" is most often applied often to the unsupportable fringe arguments rather than those who advance them. If you come across an instance of it being applied to a member in an insulting way, report the post. Do not undertake moderation yourself.