View Full Version : 'Faulty Wiring' ?

2011-May-02, 08:05 PM
Its not nice and, sadly still true. :think:Some of the contributors here have understandings that are short of the normal expected. I shake my head at the clear lac of understanding I all to often see... :doh:
We in New Zealand have a familiarness with a TV add that states ' Yaa Right.' Which could be used here, with tung in cheek...:shifty: Far to quick to jump to conclusions of conspiracy and alien interfering. Reality seems to confuse these people to the point of paranoia... It must be aliens...Yaa Right.:razz: It does not matter what the subject is.
This attidude of 'I know what you do not.' Pops its head into many of the discussions.
I want to blame the education system., but can not as it would seem you can leed a child to school, but you can not make him listen.:naughty:Is it faulty wiring ?

2011-May-02, 09:32 PM
This is not a conspiracy theory, and it's a bit insulting - regardless of the opinion of the people talked about. Closed. If anyone thinks this should be opened (or moved) please report this post to state your case.