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Charlie in Dayton
2004-May-26, 08:05 PM
What magnifications would be necessary (not the same as 'suitable') to view the Transit?

I got:

6 x 21
8 x 21
10 x 50
76mm reflector, various powers 30 to 100
105mm reflector, various powers 18 to 110

and all suitably filtered with correct and approved materials.

If I don't have to lug a scope up to the 8th floor lounge to peer thru the window at the horizon, I won't...the filtered 10x50's on the monopod would be so much easier.

Comments? Suggestions? Ads for hominy grits?

2004-May-26, 09:09 PM
Up to you. Personally, I think a projected 10x would be fairly nice, but that's just me. The bigger the better, however.

Of course, for me to enjoy a 10x projection, I'd need to live somewhere other than the west coast... :(

Charlie in Dayton
2004-May-26, 09:29 PM
I'm probably gonna be the only one there, so I won't go the projection route...

Still, are a pair of properly filtered 10x50's enough to see Venus scuttling its way across Sol?

2004-May-26, 09:47 PM
Well, I've done sunspot watching with everything from 8x21 to 12x60s, and they show even smallish spots in fantastic detail, and Venus should be quite a bit bigger than those.

Personally, if the transit where visible up here, I'd be rushing my impending purchase of that 105 I have my eye on rather than waiting until fall (no sense having a telescope when the sky's only truly dark 3-4 hours a night...). Bigger is better, afterall.

2004-May-26, 11:07 PM
If you can see spots, you can definitely see the Venus transit. I just wish I could see it. Where I live, I might actually catch a tiny chunk out of the side of the sun. If I'm lucky. I'm right at the point of the end of the egress.

2004-May-27, 01:19 AM
My 25X100 binoc's are a pretty good FOV in my opinion though 10X would be good too.

With my telescope I prefer about 100X. It gets ya updare but things don't get wobbly.

Hope this is helpful. :) :)