View Full Version : Video Previewing 3 Eclipses & Asteroid Occultation

2011-May-25, 01:12 AM
Iíve produced a 3-minute video describing the three eclipses and accompanying asteroid occultation that will occur during the coming weeks. Most Americans would have to travel to observe any of the events. The video can be seen at http://www.CurtRenz.com/astronomical

2011-Jun-03, 02:23 AM
Hereís the diagram I created for the 2011 JUN 15 total lunar eclipse. The orientations and altitudes are for London. The timings are for anyone experiencing nighttime as long as adjustment is made from UT+1 (subtract one hour for UT).


2011-Jun-03, 02:34 AM
And here is a diagram I made previewing the asteroid 782 Montefiore occultation as observed from Rome. Although the Moon appears fully lit in the diagram, it actually will be in eclipse.