View Full Version : UK and European Space Agencies Give a Go For Skylon Spaceplane

2011-May-26, 02:10 AM
After 30 years of development, the UK and European space agencies have given a go for the Skylon Spaceplane. The Skylon, which is being developed at the Oxfordshire-based Reaction Engines in the UK, is an unpiloted and reusable spacecraft that can launch into Low Earth Orbit after taking off from a conventional runway. Looking like [...]

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2011-May-26, 03:45 AM
Are those lower pics photographs or photoshop? Do they really have one flying?

2011-May-26, 05:59 AM
Oh, that's definitely CG. Sadly, no, they certainly do not have one flying yet, but that they are actually putting some muscle behind this has my hopes up.