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2011-Jun-09, 03:26 PM
Hello All,
I'd like to ask one simple question - what is the status of so called "shadow matter" in modern Cosmology now?
Is it still rellevant concept?
I'm asking because some time ago I read the book written by one materialistic biologist(with some background of physics) G.D.Wassermann about psychic phehomena explaining it in terms of "shadow matter".I.E that there is a s"shadow matter body/brain" that can separate from ordinary body etc..("Shadow Matter and Psychic Phenomena",G.D.Wassermann,1993).He based his theory on R.Colb/M.Turner "Shadow world of superstring theories".Sounded pretty fantastic and speculative to me,so I 'm asking you this question: how useful the conception of "shadow matter" in modern cosmology?
Thanks for your replies

2011-Jun-09, 05:09 PM
Hi and welcome to BAUT. When you asked a similar question at physicsforums.com (http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=498225), you recieved answers I agree with. Perhaps others here will expand upon that.

2011-Jun-09, 05:14 PM
Hi and welcome to BAUT. When you asked a similar question at physicsforums.com (http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=498225), you recieved answers I agree with. Perhaps others here will expand upon that.
Thanks for the reply,Luckmeister.Interestengly,today I asked directly astrophysicist Peter Woit about this issue,I copy his reply here: "Nobody takes seriously those particular ideas about "shadow matter" anymore, since there is no evidence for them and they don't explain anything. Even if that kind of "shadow matter" did exist, it wouldnot interact with regular matter in any significant way, so could not explain psychic phenomena."

But...I'd like to here as many opinions as possible

2011-Jun-10, 05:16 AM
My opinion is that it goes below my invisible pink winged unicorns as the carrier force of gravity in terms of testability. At least we know that there is gravity where as there has never been a "psychic phenomena" that has held up to scientific muster. If you believe you have one please feel free to try to claim your million dollars from the James Randi foundation.

2011-Jun-10, 05:54 AM
... million dollars from the James Randi foundation.

Wasn't that dumped?

2011-Jun-10, 07:47 AM
Wasn't that dumped?

Oh you had me thinking I might be wrong but ...

2011-Jun-10, 08:16 AM
...and welcome Alexander 1304... please tell me thats not the year you were born...:razz:

I have studied this subject a little as I felt a want to substantiate the belief structure of some bright people...

I could not. At no time then or now do I except that a paranormal existence is real.

That some study of string theory is some how linked is just a red hearing and not part of this.

It matters not how you hide these subjects., or disclose them with parts of quantum physiology...

SHADOW Mater is not part of the reality I understand.. Dimensionless is none existent.

2011-Jun-10, 06:29 PM
Here the person combines concept of "mirror matter" with homeopathy.English text on the right side of the screen.Idieas similar to Wassermann's.Not sure,is it's apretty scientific,though..

2011-Jun-10, 08:44 PM
Anything involving homeopathy that is not a debunking of the claims made is non-scientific. There is no compelling evidence that there is any effect that requires such an off the wall explanation. Just reading the topic titles tells me what is going to be in them: word soup with scientific terms loaded into it like croutons. They mix several types of matter (from hypothetical to highly speculative) and appear to have a sub-pop-sci understanding of the topics.

2011-Jun-10, 08:46 PM
Oh dear me... Its a very dangerous road to venture down. Not a single scientific fact is born of this subject... Not One.

I invite any interested to look into and read the 'Pro-log' from the following link... from the English script on the right hand side...

http://web.telia.com/~u59500234/ I do not intend any disrespect for a belief structure I do NOT agree with.

I do not agree that at any level there is a consciousness of any living object outside of brain function.

The central nervous system is all there is. Without a oxygenated blood supply there is nothing.

And I add. That I feel it in my hart to know these things... is in my head.

I understand that many people follow these subjects and believe with a passion what is being reported..

Not me, not here, Its not science... Its religion.