View Full Version : Yikes! Lightning Strike Near KSC Launchpad

2011-Jun-17, 07:20 PM
That was close! A fixed camera at launchpad B at Kennedy Space Center (which is being torn down/modified) captured an amazing lightning strike earlier this week. Hat tip to @InsideKSC on Twitter © nancy for Universe Today, 2011. | Permalink | One comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags: images, weather Feed enhanced by Better [...]

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2011-Jun-18, 08:55 AM
That is a pretty intense picture. In fact, it's the closest up I have ever seen an actual lightning hit, freaky stuff indeed. But much more yikes! is when Apollo 12 was actually hit during lift off. Now that's yikes.

Jeff Root
2011-Jun-18, 10:43 AM
What did it hit? I can see what it missed...

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2011-Jun-19, 04:33 AM
It must have singed the feathers on those sea gulls.