View Full Version : Backup plans for the Transit

2004-Jun-02, 06:21 PM
Checking the weather forecast for next Monday night and Tuesday morning in my neck of the woods (40N,75W) calls for partly cloudy. Yesterday it was forecast to be rain. This far away, a forecast is nothing but a guess, but I'm thinking that I have a backup plan: Take a plane flight, and carry on solar filtered binoculars. Only question is how high a small commercial jet flies during a short flight, say 1 hour and 300-400 miles. I could fly from Philadelphia or Newark,NJ to Charlotte NC, heading southwest, so the sun would be very clearly on the port side (to borrow a maritime term). Could also head to Boston or Portland ME and sit on the starboard side. Does anyone know how high such a flight would go, and is it high enough to get out of the clouds?

2004-Jun-02, 08:06 PM
My recollection is that most commercial flights go to 20-30,000 feet, so that should be above almost any clouds.