View Full Version : Dramatic New NASA Animation Depicts Next Mars Rover in Action

2011-Jun-25, 09:10 PM
NASA’s next Mars rover, the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory, will soon embark on a quantum leap in humankind’s scientific exploration of the Martian surface. To get a birds eye understanding of Curiosity’s magnificent capabilities, check out the dramatic new high resolution animation below which depicts NASA’s next Mars rover traversing terrain for clues to whether [...]

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2011-Jun-25, 09:53 PM

2011-Jun-26, 02:00 AM
On a side note, I see the cinematography is taking cues from Babylon 5, adding little jitters like it is a 'live' camera tracking the action.

2011-Jun-26, 05:14 AM
I really liked the parts where it shot lasers at random stuff.
The phrase "We come in peace, shoot to kill" came to mind.

Van Rijn
2011-Jun-26, 09:14 AM
Very detailed, and it has a less "science fiction robot of doom" feel than the older one. In the old version, the laser shots were made more obvious, and you see a "robot view" of the action which feels a bit like Terminator. You can also see some significant design changes, and while the interior animation looks about the same, the sound effects don't make me think of Star Trek.

For comparison, here's the 2008 version:


2011-Jun-26, 11:44 AM
It can even make that "whoosh!" sound when flying in space!

2011-Jun-26, 12:14 PM
That landing sequence is terrifying; there just seem to be so many things that could go wrong.

Very nice video (I wonder how long before it turns up on CT sites with people saying it is "obviously fake" :))

mike alexander
2011-Jun-26, 04:48 PM
I had no idea that reentry sounded so much like frying bacon.