View Full Version : NASA Sets July 8 for Mandatory Space Shuttle Grand Finale

2011-Jun-29, 04:20 AM
NASA Shuttle managers met today (28 June) and officially set July 8 as the launch date for the Grand Finale of the shuttle program by Space Shuttle Atlantis. And the NASA officials also emphasized that the STS-135 mission is absolutely crucial to the future well being and functioning of the International Space Station (ISS). “This [...]

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2011-Jun-30, 01:47 AM
Why are they using Atlantis instead of any of the other shuttles, such as the Enterprise?

2011-Jun-30, 01:22 PM
The Enterprise was never a flight ready shuttle, it was basically only an early test-bed for various systems and was only "launched" from the 747 carrier plane.

NASA generally just cycled among the three remaining shuttles. I'm not sure it is anything more than coincidence that Atlantis was the last one.