View Full Version : Caprica is done (SPOILERS)

2011-Jun-30, 06:09 AM
Glom is annoyed!

Yes TPTB at Syfy are retarded and they did the show no favours, but the writers screwed the pooch on this one, which is such a shame.

The show was too slow and meandering and in the end, more than half of it was completely irrelevant.

If it was just a case of it not being good, I wouldn't have bothered like with SGU and not cared. But I do care because I enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed being immersed in this world(s), which is why I wanted the show to be good. But I was frustrated episode after episode with how little progress was being made in the story that matters.

They only got one season, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. More serials should recognise their limits and tell a story and then be done. Having a single season showing the landmark event in the birth of the Cylons capped with that epilogue was great in theory.

Unfortunately, the epilogue we got was unadulterated rubbish! And this is coming from someone who has long argued for the deep meaning of the BSG finale and called those who don't get it philistines in the manner of the 2001 fans (except I have serious content to back up my position whereas 2001 fans just have pretty spaceships).

How did Clarice even avoid being executed after what she had tried?

What was her deal with preaching hate to the Cylons and why would the Cylons care what an obviously bitter old hag has to say?

Why did Lacy decide to become the Mother Superior of the STO and what does that have to do with anything? Did she sanction Clarice's OBL-esque activities?

What happened to Tamara? The show just forgot about her after that excellent reconciliation scene between Zoe and her parents. Why did Zoe bother seeking her out in the first place if all she was going to do was stand at the top of a castle for three episodes?

Why, after the reconciliation with her parents and turning on Clarice, was Zoe suddenly going in for Clarice's hate preaching?

The skin job technology wasn't invented on the Colonies, it was given to the Cylons by the Final Five after the first war.

Of course, all the stuff with the Adamas and Tauron was completely irrelevant. It did absolutely nothing to contribute to the story of the birth of the Cylon race. Makes you wonder why they bothered at all. And the death of Willie was scraping the barrel and having Joseph have another boy, who he named Willie, who grows up to be the Admiral Adama we know, was stupid. I never got why, if they were going to have this rival family premise, it had to be the Adamas.

It's all so disappointing.