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2011-Jul-12, 04:25 PM
Sad but true, my friends: The Sun has gone over to THE DARK SIDE.

http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/scien..._darkfireworks/ (http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/11jul_darkfireworks/)

"IN terms of raw power, this really was just a medium-sized eruption," says Young, "but it had a uniquely dramatic appearance caused by all the inky-dark material. We don't usually see that."

Solar physicist Angelos Vourlidas of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC calls it a case of "dark fireworks."

"The blast was triggered by an unstable magnetic filament near the sun's surface," he explains. "That filament was loaded down with cool plasma, which exploded in a spray of dark blobs and streamers."

Well? Hot things do turn dark when cooling. Like charcoal briquets and oozing floes of lava.

Plasma bombs

Plasma blobs are funneled toward sunspots by magnetic fields. [67 MB Quicktime] [more] The plasma blobs were as big as planets, many larger than Earth. They rose and fell ballistically, moving under the influence of the sun's gravity like balls tossed in the air, exploding "like bombs" when they hit the stellar surface.

Some blobs, however, were more like guided missiles. "In the movies we can see material 'grabbed' by magnetic fields and funneled toward sunspot groups hundreds of thousands of kilometers away," notes Young.

Bombs and missiles. Yes, this is the Emperor's doing. :mad:

2011-Jul-12, 05:14 PM
Behold the power of this fully operrrrrational G2 V star.