View Full Version : *When Astronomy Goes Bad* [Bob Berman - Discovery 6-02]

2002-May-03, 02:23 AM
For some reason tonight, I sat down to read the June 2002 *Discovery* which came in today's mail. I subscribe to many magazines and journals about science and subsequently give them away to others to read. Thumbing through this issue, I noticed the word *Astronomy* and immediately began to scan the article. I came across the word *Plait* and stopped! Aha! I had found something familiar. Immediately I stopped scanning and went back to read the article carefully. I am not going to tell anyone here about the article. If you want to learn about what is in the article about Phil Plait, and his astronomical adventures, etc., you will need to find a copy of *Discover* and see for yourself. My lips (and keyboard) are sealed. I will let one little bit of news out. As of the writing of the article, Bob Berman (Sky Lights) wrote that since Phil Plait had taken on the task of setting the public straight about the Apollo Mission, the site Bad Astronomy had had over 4.5 million page views!

I do not want to ruin the article for anybody, so find a copy and a nice easy chair and read about it yourself. While you are at it, make certain that your copy of *Bad Astronomy* is handy.

Dear Bad Astronomer Phil Plait: Did you ever think that you would get such a reaction to your diligence in taking this subject on? There goes your sleep...

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Matthew Ota
2002-May-03, 05:14 AM
Bob Berman, one of my favorite Astronomy authors, comments on Phil Plait, the champion of reason and critical thinking. A must read...

Berman is known for his witty commentary and irreverent style in his two books. I only wish he would write more. His SkyLights columns are pretty tame compared to his books.

Well, we just need another Asimov...a new prolific and popular science writer.

2002-Jun-15, 02:05 PM
I, myself, always enjoy Bob Berman's articles.

Sorry about taking so long to answer your post. I finally found out how to locate replies to my posts when I am notified about them. I search for the threads which I initiated. From now on, I shall behave and answer posts promptly. You probably will never see this because your post was written by you some time ago.

Dumb (of me, of course)!

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Kaptain K
2002-Jun-15, 06:59 PM
Bob Berman also has a monthly column in "Astronomy" magazine called "Strange Universe"

2002-Jun-16, 07:00 PM
Kaptain K:

Bob Berman also has a monthly column in "Astronomy" magazine called "Strange Universe"

Thanks. I read ASTRONOMY regularly. Good magazine.