View Full Version : Stereo view of "Broken Pipe"

2004-Jun-09, 03:22 AM
Hi Guys,

Here is a stereo view of the "Broken Pipe" done by a member of the "Mars Forum".


It looks amazing. The flow seems to have originated in the upper set of rocks, then flowed around the lower set and finally fanning out in a delta. The stereo image also suggests a good flow on the other side of the rock as well.

What do you think?


2004-Jun-09, 01:38 PM
I have to say it does look like some sort of drainage pattern, though I'm no expert.

2004-Jun-09, 04:02 PM
Here's the uncropped NASA pic from day 122 (http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/all/1/p/122/1P139018947EFF2809P2266R2M1.HTML).

The left end of the channel doesn't look very channel-like top me.

2004-Jun-09, 05:38 PM
I can't tell from the images whether the foreground or background is higher elevation.

So if there is a flow, which direction did it go?

I suspect that the "channel" was at least partially changed by the rocks moving or sliding, which opened it up. In the lower left, I think I see small ripples in the sand, probably wind caused.

Sure is a lot of blueberries all over the place!

2004-Jun-09, 06:45 PM
In the stereo view, the lower right corner appears to be the lowest part, with everything sloping upward from there.