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Martian Jim
2002-May-03, 12:09 PM
if the moon hoax was done on the earth, how did they simulate the lack of gravity?

if they were on strings that continusly pulled them up and down when they walked you would have seen them.

2002-May-03, 12:12 PM
Well, there is gravity on the moon. Do you mean, simulate it on the flights? Or do you mean simulate the reduced gravity on the moon? I think "they" address that last one, a little bit.

2002-May-03, 12:53 PM
The only way to 'simulate' one sixth G on earth is by plane. Id love to see that done. Remember it has to be vacuum, and large enough to hold a rover and let it drive around.

No HBer has ever explained how that could be done without technology more advanced than what we have today.


2002-May-03, 02:29 PM
What do you mean that it has never been explained. Its either an anti-gravity device (just kidding) or the film has been slowed down to look like it was on the moon.

For the zero-g cases, the CM was just in high Earth orbit.

Saw one of the guys live on Foxnews (the morning crew about a year ago) state that.

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2002-May-03, 03:26 PM
On 2002-05-03 08:09, Martian Jim wrote:
if the moon hoax was done on the earth, how did they simulate the lack of gravity?

if they were on strings that continusly pulled them up and down when they walked you would have seen them.

In From the Earth to the Moon they used big balloons.

In Apollo 13, they used a KC-135 "Vomit Comet" for zero-g, but that's only good for about thirty seconds - a long time for a movie scene, but not long at all for NASA TV or film coverage.

Martian Jim
2002-May-14, 12:04 PM
"film has been slowed down to look like it was on the moon"

if they were jumping up and down as they were walking to make it look like there was weak gravity it would have been clear that they were jumping up and down. then again they could of hired a anti grav machine from me :-B
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2002-May-14, 03:13 PM
Its either an anti-gravity device (just kidding)

You may be just kidding but the hoax believers are not. Over at Apollohoax a few months ago someone actually proposed this: that 40 years ago NASA perfected anti-gravity generators. He cited the controversial work of Eric Laithwaite as evidence.

You have to remember that the moon hoax theory is part and parcel of a vast web of conspiracy theories which conveniently provides, from secret government laboratories and warehouses, any technology or artifact necessary to carry out any of the other postulated hoaxes according to the conspiracist scenario.

or the film has been slowed down to look like it was on the moon.

Fine for vertical movement, but what about horizontal movement? In order for the horizontal movement and fine motor operations to appear natural, they would have to be performed at twice the normal speed -- in bulky spacesuits -- so that when the film was slowed down it would look normal. Look at the video of astronauts working with something in their hands, or working at the rover. Do those movements appear slower?

Conspiracy theorists don't even understand simple ballistics, either. If you film someone, say, throwing a hammer on earth and slow the film down, you get simply a slower version of the same trajectory. If you film someone throwing a hammer on the moon, you get an entirely different trajectory because the horizontal component of the motion isn't any different on the moon, but the vertical component surely is.

Other popular suggestions:

1. It was done underwater. (Where are the bubbles? Why does the dust settle so quickly?)

2. The astronauts are being flown with wires. (What about the dust? Where are the flyrigs when the astronaut is 100 feet from the camera and we can see what's over his head for several dozen feet?)

3. They're on the Vomit Comet. (The whole vast moon set was built on an airplane?)

2002-May-14, 03:24 PM
And don't forget #4: NASA perfected "virtual reality" back in the 1950's and used it to create the moon footage.

2002-May-14, 10:54 PM
I doubt they filmed it on Earth and slowed down the film.

NASA has everyone fooled!

They shot the whole thing on Phobos and SPED UP the film! That explains why there are no stars too... since Phobos is farther away from the sun so the light isn't bright enough to illuminate the stars enough to capture them on film. Also it explains how we got the space rocks. They didn't have to bake them in a microwave or get them from Luna. They simply brought them back from Phobos!

Notice how NASA refers to it as the "moon"... not "luna". VERY clever on their part.

Other points:
- Phobos has less mass and orbits closer to Mars than Luna to Earth. Therefore after Martian aerobraking is applied, it requires much less fuel to achieve velocity change for Phobos orbit.
- The trip to Phobos is considerably longer, allowing the astronauts more time to rehearse their lines. The "live coverage" was simply the astronauts playing back the taped footage as they were coming back to Earth.
- The Russians were more advanced than the USA in the early space program. Obviously we stole technology from the Martians!
- The extra shadows were cast by reflections from Mars, Deimos, and... Jupiter! (which appears brighter from there than here).

OK OK I know what you are thinking "how do you KNOW it was Phobos and not Deimos?".

Well you got me there.