View Full Version : July-August New Moon Spotting

2011-Jul-28, 04:55 AM
Who will be the first to spot the July-August New Moon with naked eyes after sunset? The Dark Moon will be in geocentric longitudinal conjunction with the Sun on 2011 JUL 30 at 18:40 UT (13:40 CDT). We are moving into the months of the year surrounding the autumnal equinox in which the early spotting of a New Moon is difficult for northern hemisphere observers. So thereís more of a challenge for you to accept.

Iíve created two graphics previewing the western sky as viewed after sunset from Chicagoland on August 1 & 2. They should well serve most North American observers. They can be seen by clicking: http://www.CurtRenz.com/moon

Also on my Moon webpage is a panorama including each Dianaís Bow in 2011. Thatís a waxing crescent Moon about 10% illuminated and aged about three days. The name is a reference to the archery equipment of the ancient Roman goddess of the Moon and hunting. The graphic nicely illustrates how the season of the year affects the viewing of a waxing crescent Moon.

Photos and descriptions of the July-August New Moon would be welcome additions to this thread. Please include the date, time, time zone and location. Good Luck!

Below is a photo I took from Arlington Heights, Illinois earlier this month of the Moon aged 41:05 hrs on 2011 JUL 02 at 20:59 CDT.