View Full Version : Have a new Conspiracy Theories?

2011-Jul-30, 03:06 AM
check this note....

"We have determined that based on the excessive resource utilization your account is not a good fit for a VPS account since not only your VPS is crashing due to the high resource usage but you are also impacting the actual hardware node on which the VPS is created. Unfortunately due to the severe nature of the problem your web service access has been disabled." Sorry, but now server was disabled. I can't pay for dedicate server.
By: Leonid Elenin

what you say? :eek:

2011-Jul-30, 03:13 AM

Our rules only allow the discussion of conspiracies that relate to either astronomy or space exploration. Other than the mention of Leonid Elenin, I don't see what that note has to do with either, nor do I even see a conspiracy. I'm not even sure what the point is.

Given that, I am closing this thread. If you can explain what exactly is the astronomy or space conspiracy, and why this thread should be reopened, please Report my post, by clicking on the black triangle with the ! in the lower left corner of this post, and give your explanation.