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2011-Aug-04, 09:47 AM
I use iTunes to ensure that all AstronomyCast podcasts reach me as quickly as possible - don't want to miss anything. But according to the dates shown in iTunes, the latest episode (#228, Giovanni Cassini) was broadcast on 11/04/11. Now even allowing for the difference in opinion between the UK and the USA about how dates should be represented, this seems weird:think:
Sorry if this has been pointed out before - new here to the forum, but it would be nice not to think I've missed a whole slew of broadcasts.


2011-Aug-05, 05:20 AM
That date would mean the 11th of April, not November 4th. In theory, this is a weekly podcast, but in practice, they make one when they can. They date the podcasts as if they were weekly, hoping that some day they can catch up. Sadly, instead of catchnig up, they are falling further and further behind.

2011-Aug-05, 11:57 AM
Astronomy cast uses the following formula: E=wc^2 where E is the number of episodes and w is weeks and c is the speed of light. They will never be able to get up to one episode a week. :)

2011-Sep-16, 11:23 AM
on last post from Solfe isnt "E" directly proportional to "W" but with astronomycast it is not proportional so how would this formular work ??

2011-Sep-16, 12:24 PM
Hehe... my (non-existent) math skills... Its a flat line no matter what you put into it.

2011-Sep-16, 01:32 PM
but solfe, What do you mean "Its a flat line no matter what you put into it" ??

2011-Sep-16, 01:33 PM
and what do you mean "They will never be able to get up to one episode a week." I dont like that formula E=.

2011-Sep-16, 08:57 PM
bestpodcast, a member put a non-serious post into a thread that doesn't need to be overly serious. Please stop badgering that member.

2011-Sep-17, 03:12 AM
Do you mean by the posts here or my personal messages??

pzkpfw use a bit of managers discretion. It has never been personal (i made sure), its to do with the formula. A Discussion. We can get to the bottom of this I am confident if you so wish.

2011-Sep-17, 04:05 AM
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