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2011-Aug-04, 09:02 PM
Fraser has an article about up on UT (http://www.universetoday.com/87934/second-moon-may-have-orbited-earth-billions-of-years-ago/), but it is probably worth an additional mention on BAUT.

Here also is an article from R&D magazine on-line (http://www.rdmag.com/News/2011/08/General-Science-Astrophysics-Earths-two-moons-Its-not-lunacy-but-new-theory/)

In a spectacle that might have beguiled poets, lovers and songwriters if only they had been around to see it, Earth once had two moons, astronomers now think. But the smaller one smashed into the other in what is being called the "big splat."

The result: Our planet was left with a single bulked-up and ever-so-slightly lopsided moon.

The astronomers came up with the scenario to explain why the moon's far side is so much more hilly than the one that is always facing Earth.

The theory, outlined Wednesday in the journal Nature, comes complete with computer model runs showing how it might have happened and an illustration that looks like the bigger moon getting a pie in the face.

Both linked articles have pictures from the Nature article, taken from the model.

2011-Aug-05, 04:26 AM
More justification for a sample return mission to the far side.