View Full Version : Far-future comic SF with aspirations to realism (Against Peace and Freedom)

Adrian Morgan
2011-Aug-06, 02:31 PM
Just wondering whether anyone in this forum plans to read, or perhaps is already reading / has read, the book Against Peace and Freedom (http://www.amazon.com/Against-Peace-Freedom-Mark-Rosenfelder/dp/0984470042/) by Mark Rosenfelder.

I'm not, for the record. I don't think it's quite my style, even though I'm a follower of Mark's blog, etc. But it strikes me as, shall we say, the sort of thing I might choose if I bought a birthday present for Phil Plait. We're talking comic science fiction that endeavours to speculate accurately on what civilisation might really be like thousands of years from now and dispersed among the stars.

Just doing my bit to make sure it gets to its target audience.