View Full Version : Moon and Venus this morning (16th June)

2004-Jun-16, 07:20 AM
Dawn challenge for Wednesday, June 16th: no more than 30 minutes before sunrise Wednesday morning, scan with binoculars just above the east-northeast horizon for the hairline waning crescent Moon with Venus -- itself a tiny hairline crescent! -- glimmering below it.
I happened to wake up about 4am, the sky was clear, so I had a go. At first nothing, but then I found the Moon, a very thin crescent (I think about 1 day 17 hours before new), and Venus, just before the sun rose (about 4.45 BST).

Because of houses in the way, to get up high enough, I ended up standing on the edge of the bath to see out of the bathroom window, and also on the bedroom window sill! The unexpected hazards of astronomy...

Did anyone else see the Moon and/or Venus? I was very lucky with the weather.

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At least that's in the evening. I'm a bit short of sleep at the moment :o

2004-Jun-16, 07:27 AM
I'm a bit short of sleep at the moment
Thanks for the warning, but I don't have enough sleep yet. :)

2004-Jun-16, 07:32 AM
That gives me the idea to take binoculars with me when I go to an open air concert on Sunday at 5 o'clock in the morning in the park of the Karlsruhe palace (http://paris.calpoly.edu/karlsruhe/schloss.jpg). They will perform Grieg's "Morning Mood". :-)