View Full Version : Moon Occults Pi Sagittarii - August 10

2011-Aug-09, 05:03 AM
The 93% illuminated waxing gibbous Moon will occult magnitude +2.9 Pi Sagittarii for North American and northern South American observers during the afternoon and evening of 2011 AUG 10. This will be an evening event only for those in the eastern half of North America, the Caribbean and far northern South America. For those in western North America, the event will occur in the afternoon.

Observers on a graze path will be able to witness the star winking on and off as lunar hills and valleys pass by. Those between the graze paths will see a full occultation. Immersion will generally occur on the lunar dark limb, while emersion should come from the bright limb. The star’s apparent equatorial coordinates at the time of the event will be RA 19:10:29.6 and Dec S 21°00’10”.

I’ve created a graze map for the Americas and a preview graphic with data for observers at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. They can be seen by clicking http://www.curtrenz.com/moon

Photos and descriptions of the event would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like occultation or graze data specifically for your location, then please reply to this post with a longitude, latitude, time zone and altitude above sea level.