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2011-Aug-16, 07:13 PM
Greetings BAUT. It's been awhile since I posted here, but that's largely because I was on an outstanding trip where I was cutoff from the internet. I spent the first third or so of August in Israel on my Birthright trip. I'm Jewish, and thankfully got in just before the age cutoff, as I'm already 26.

Ever vigilant for future opportunities, I kept an ear out for both educational options, and an eye out for astronomical conditions. There are a good number of pretty good science schools in Israel, and I might be able to get tuition assistance if I make Aliyah (apply for citizenship). This didn't surprise me; I've been doing a lot of background research this summer in advance of a chemistry research project at my school this fall, and I've come upon work from Israel again and again without intending to look for it.

I know they have chemistry education opportunities, which will likely be my focus while I finish my bachelors (I should have my associates in the coming spring). What I don't know is what astronomy work is being done in Israel, and what the viewing conditions really are throughout the country.

I spent my nights in Tiberias, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Negev desert. The first three didn't have great sky conditions, which isn't surprising; they're in the middle of cities. When we were in the Negev, we were a couple of hours from the nearest Israeli city, Beersheba, but I still noticed light pollution on the horizon. It might even have been from Beersheba, I don't know. Does anyone know of any good sky viewing locations in the Negev or anywhere else in Israel? I was pleased to see a number of meteors from the Perseid's.

I'd love to eventually have a career in astrochemistry. I know I have a long journey to get there, and I'd love Israel to be a part of it. I've only just come home, but I don't want to waste any time in figuring out my future plans.

Thanks BAUT
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