View Full Version : Book at Camp

2004-Jun-19, 08:30 AM
Well i know this is kinda un-important so you can lock this/move it if you want to but i just wanted to say that a girl brought her copy of Bad Astronomy and everyone who has not read it has been asking to see it so maybe more people will read it...i keep telling people how good it is.


2004-Jun-21, 08:06 AM
I noticed too ST! 8)

The Bad Astronomer
2004-Jun-21, 09:06 PM

It could use the boost. It was once under 1000 at Amazon, and now it's barely hanging on at 30,000... but after two years, I dont mind so much!

Thanks, that's cool to hear.

2004-Dec-27, 05:41 AM
thats great that everyone wwants to read it! Its exciting to share astronomy and science with others :D especially people whod never think to learn about it on their own

I dont have the book yet (havn't heard about it until recently! or else i was a fool and heard but forgot) but i hope to get it soon!...