View Full Version : Roger Ebert's Funniest Reviews

2011-Aug-23, 02:12 AM
The Houston Chronicle website has a feature on, well. Roger Ebert's funniest reviews:

ETA: There's also a link there to excerpts from his upcoming memoirs.

2011-Aug-23, 02:45 AM
Some of these comments are amazingly good; much better than the movies being reviewed.

2011-Aug-23, 02:58 AM
I love Roger Ebert dearly. I think he's the greatest living film historian. The first two books of his which I bought were his two books of negative reviews, I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie (in reference to North) and Your Movie Sucks (in reference to Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo). I want his book of four-star reviews, but the negative ones are more fun.

2011-Aug-23, 01:10 PM
I disagree with his recommendations more often than not, but his arguments are always reasonable and instructive, so you really can't ask for more.

2011-Aug-23, 04:45 PM
I'd say I probably agree with him 75% of the time, and most of what's left, I know I'm not going to either because of what I know about his tastes or because of how he's written the review.