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mr. show
2004-Jun-19, 09:28 PM
Another NEO was added for June 21st. Could this be the "anomaly" aussie bloke mentioned? Much closer than Toutatis btw. :lol:


2004-Jun-19, 09:56 PM
I really doubt it. First of all, the 21st doesn't fit together with his June 18-20 impact, and 0.0038 AU is still 568,472.4 km. Plus he the person he claimed to be came out and said he has no knowledge of anything like this, and doesn't work in astronomy anymore. This has all turned into one big mess. When Elaine at GLP doesn't want anymore to do with AB, who does? :P

2004-Jun-19, 11:51 PM
At an 'H' (i.e. absolute magnitude) of 25.21 I shouldn’t worry too much, unless it's a fragment of a neutron 'star' --- Now that would be anomalous!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)


2004-Jun-19, 11:57 PM
When Elaine at GLP doesn't want anymore to do with AB, who does?

I'm thinking, maybe, Anon-E-Moose??? ;-)


2004-Jun-20, 02:27 AM
I like this page. 2003 XJ7 is supposed to pass within as little as 0.01 lunar distances (okay, it's a "minimal distance," but still) on Dec. 10, 2021. That's 3,800 miles (forgive my unmetricness) away, right? Let's catch it! 8)

2004-Jun-20, 03:10 AM
Yup! That's what JPL 'says'!!! :-)

Hmmm... That must be a surface to surface separation (as opposed to the usual center of mass to center of mass measurement) else at R(E) ~ 4000 *miles* we *would* 'catch' it! ;-)

Interestingly NeoDys has a very different appraisal of said approach:

Specifically: (Minimum Possible Distance = 0.0785471 *AUs* ~ 7,300,000 *Miles*)

Whereas, last December, said object passed this planet at a distance of 0.0009908 (AUs) ~ 92,100 *Miles*

Come what will a ~ 30m asteroid aint too skeery ;-)