View Full Version : Is Delta Scorpii uncommonly bright right now?

2011-Aug-24, 01:51 AM
I walked outside about 45 minutes after sunset, and Delta stood out almost as boldly as Antares. I know it is a Gamma Cas type variable and has had some flareups in recent years, but I had not particularly noticed it lately. Might this be a new flareup?

2011-Aug-25, 09:04 PM
I just had a look at it and - yes it is looking quite bright. Also, looking at the AAVSO data it seems to be near the brighter end of its normal range.

Robert Tulip
2011-Aug-26, 08:43 PM
An excellent recent article is at AAVSO Delta Scorpii: the birth of a Be star (http://www.aavso.org/vsots_delsco). It links to the observing campaign of the next periastron passage in 2011 (http://www.uncg.edu/~a_mirosh/Delta_Sco/).

Sky and Telescope had an article (http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/3305526.html) about the 2004 flareup.