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2011-Aug-24, 02:53 AM
So if we should all decide how to conspire on our own to launch and then embark on some journey to a distant civilization on some distant planet in our galaxy, what should we bring along for the ride in order to insure both our safety and the safety of the civilization we are visiting? I have a few starters and the rest of you are invited to add more.

To begin with, we do need to recognize that each of us is a carrier of a number of viruses. So we need to bring with enough vaccines from our labs to inoculate the entire civilization that we are visiting to protect them from things like small pox, polio and a host of other viruses within each of us. Then we need to bring enough of us with to survive the journey from all of the deadly viruses we will encounter in our journey on the way there. Those viruses should kill off a number of us until the survivors are able to test and retest the new vaccines need to ward off such a threat. Further, we are going to have to find a doctor's office on the planet we are visiting in order to be inoculated from all of the diseases they have. Then we have to consider that just maybe we are only one out of many civilizations that have developed the ability to ward off the common cold, something that might be deadly to other species.

We should also bring with a few sandwiches but if they are not gluten and soy free then I am turning back to get my own stuff and my own utensils. I don't want any cross-contamination!

Anything else now, besides a little air and water and room to move around and get some exercise? Then will we need to think of still another thing? Why bother even going? Aside from the expense we would have to ask tax payers to shell out of their pockets,why would we even bother visit some crowded place where we will be seen as competitors for resources in a place where their economic situation could be quite similar to our present one?

2011-Aug-24, 04:19 AM

blueshift, what exactly is the conspiracy here? And why shouldn't this thread be in OTB?

2011-Aug-24, 04:59 PM
Well, I was thinking of putting it there. Then I was thinking it belonged in Fun/Games. Then, since a conspiracy is defined as to "combine secretly to plan and prepare an unlawful act", the civilization that we would be visiting is the one we are conspiring against since we could be deadly, and likely are. If no one responds and you wish to close the thread then so be it.

captain swoop
2011-Aug-24, 05:16 PM
No Conspiracy that falls within the rules of the Forum. Closed