View Full Version : When Do You Think Humans Will Return to the Moon?

2011-Aug-25, 10:00 PM
We’re conducting a completely informal, unscientific, off-the-cuff survey of Universe Today readers. When do you think that humans will return to the Moon? Just give us your responses in the comments. We’re thinking of pulling your answers together to try and wrangle the zeitgeist about human space exploration. © Fraser for Universe Today, 2011. | [...]

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2011-Aug-26, 06:50 PM
Not for a very long time ! PTB want control ! And don't want any sheep to escape from the flock. The Apollo program is an accident and I don't see any country trying to remake it. Maybe a token landing or two for satisfying nationalist pride but that's all.

When the financial sector will have total control upon every land ,people , organisation and so on and the Earth will be united under their yoke; then only they will try again at space conquest.

M.P.T.M.Y.D ? (More paranoiac than me you die ? )