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2011-Aug-25, 11:20 PM
Looks like I'll finally get a chance to see a staging of this show. Yay! Craig Revel Horwood's production opens, on tour, here in Toronto next month. One production came in the late 80's but was cancelled (it would have been the Broadway version back then). I have copies of the concept album and the Broadway cast recording on CD, have watched snippets of "Chess Pa Svenska" (really liked what I saw of it, eventhough I don't speak swedish) on youtube and seen the Royal Albert Hall show with Josh Groban on PBS a couple of years ago. I just love this ever evolving musical.

One story about this tour: http://www.icethesite.com/2011/02/chess-tour-to-go-to-toronto-prior-to-possible-west-end-transfer/

2011-Aug-26, 03:51 AM
Tim and the boys just never give up, and that's a good thing. I got the album in '84 and saw the London production in '88. Recently got Chess in Concert Starring Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal and David Bedella (2009). It was in London (the other one) and had a chorus of ~400 and the London Philharmonic, something you can't do in a regular theater. If you want it, better hurry; Amazon says they only have 2 copies left

2011-Aug-26, 05:42 AM
Sigh. I don't believe I'm ever going to see it. I've tried to lobby our local theatres to try to get the rights, but no one wants to try. "Too limited in appeal" is what I've been told. I'm jealous Parrothead and Graybeard.

2011-Aug-26, 02:02 PM
I'm saving up to see the English-language version an evening in Bangkok.