View Full Version : Hydrogen Alpha Sun - A Full Solar Disk Mosaic

2011-Aug-26, 12:45 PM
Hi All,

Here is my first attempt at a Full Solar Disk Hydrogen Alpha Mosaic (8 Panels with Solar Surface & Prominences)

6,032 frames with a DMK 21AF04 Fire-Wire Camera & a Lunt 60mm/50F H-Alpha Solar Scope.

Captured from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio on 08-25-2011, North is up in this image.

It was clear last night, but I did not go out, because I was busy processing this Sun image!

It was a lot of work, about 8 hours of processing all of the frames and assembly, but now I think it was well worth the effort!

Attached is an illustrated version with Earth for a size comparison, this was my best guess at the size.

Thanks for looking!

2011-Aug-26, 03:07 PM
A Beaut! it is, Welldone.