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2004-Jun-22, 02:37 PM
What!! Another poll??


I was just kinda curious as to how many members of the board have been, or are currently involved in, any type of organized debating...i.e. high school or college.

I've never been involved in anything of this sort...yeah, I know, it shows. :lol:

2004-Jun-22, 02:57 PM
When my father was a high school teacher, he was the coach of his debate team. I remember helping them practice sometimes (usually by helping with the timekeeping), but I didn't participate officially.

Eta C
2004-Jun-22, 03:30 PM
Yep, both high school & college. High school was your typical competition debate: high speed talking and very technical. Still, I did pretty well and made the Illinois state tournament my senior year.

College was a bit different. UofI didn't have a competative team, per se. We focused on parliamentry style debate. We'd invite another school over, pick some incredibly divisive topic, and hold a public debate in the union. Much more focus on public speaking skills than there was in high school. Also, heckling (of the polite kind) and interruptions for questions from the audience were allowed and encouraged.

Both have proven useful. The training in forming arguments in high school, and the public speaking (with interruptions) from college. I spend a lot of my time briefing the results of studies to various people. The value of being able to speak publicly can't be overestimated.

2004-Jun-22, 04:07 PM
So, lets now hear arguments pro and con the supposition that "you were on the debate team".... :D

ok, let's not. :wink:

2004-Jun-22, 04:22 PM
For my english class we held a debate about whether alternative music is more appealing to youth's attitudes and values.
Despite the fact that I lacked the passion on the matter that I thought I would need to win, I led my team to victory, (While practicing my modesty) and craved more debating. I've always enjoyed debating, but never joined the team. I found out later that day that I'd missed out. It was only available to lower school students

mike alexander
2004-Jun-22, 04:36 PM
Tried it for a year in high school. Did fairly well, but quit because I found the arbitrariness annoying (Divisive topic, get assigned pro or con, etc.).

In retrospect my decision was pretty immature. I didn't realize that we were supposed to be learning a process, not proving a point per se.

What I did learn in terms of persuasive speaking was that facts mean relatively little if you can gin up a plausible structure and appeal to emotions. In that respect, I guess it did teach me to listen to oratory with a jaundiced ear.

2004-Jun-22, 05:57 PM
I attended debate meetings and practices in high school, but never competed. I asked the coach what it would take to join the team, and he essentially said "Someone quitting". But I was happy enough to watch and learn.

Brady Yoon
2004-Jun-22, 05:58 PM
No, I but I'm looking forward to it in high school.

2004-Jun-22, 08:09 PM
Nope, and I regret it. There's not much I like better than arguing, as long as you don't take it personally. Seems like it would have been fun.

2004-Jun-22, 09:49 PM
I've moderated a debate in high school but was never on a team.

Donnie B.
2004-Jun-22, 10:42 PM
I was, for about one hour. I signed up for an elective in high school without realizing it was, in fact, a course for debaters. Everyone in the class was expected to be on the team.

I wasn't interested, so I transferred to a different class. So which way should I vote?