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2011-Sep-03, 12:41 AM
Hello all!

I am a new member here, and I do apologize if this question has been asked before. I tried to use the search function here but either I'm asking something original or I am (more likely) not searching very intelligently.

I'm quite ignorant of astronomy, but I have a keen interest and have started the slow process of acquiring knowledge. Google Sky was introduced to me, and I've been tinkering about.

In Google Sky, in Leo (approx 9h, 47m, 43.0s), there is an object that seems only visible in the Infrared view. I was wondering what this might be? Would someone with some more experience in the field weigh in? If you bring up Leo in Google Sky, switch to infrared, and pan to the right a bit it should jump out at you.

Thanks so much!


2011-Sep-03, 03:40 AM
By jumps out at you, you mean it is large? Compared with the surrounding stars? Interesting, I haven't looked this over yet. Maybe the dates of creation of the databases are different, and a planet got in the way. :)

I'll try that.

ETA: OK, that looks weird, but I'm not familiar with the software. I'll figure it out. It's a bright object, with a halo, and two rays.

There are other spots in the vicinity, that show up as brighter green dots, but not as conspicuously.

2011-Sep-03, 06:46 AM
Are you talking about this?

It's CW Leonis:

It emits very strongly in the infrared, that's why its image is over-saturated and blooming in the IRAS layer.

Here it is in another rendering of the same IRAS data:

It's a bright object, with a halo, and two rays.
The rays are diffraction spikes.

2011-Sep-03, 10:26 AM
Hello all!

Hey heyoka, welcome to BAUT!

Google Sky was introduced to me

Considering the object you're asking about I can't but wonder where or by whom Google Sky was introduced to you... If you use the search function again and search for CW Leonis (as identified by Daggerstab) you will find at least one thread here on BAUT.