View Full Version : Question: When Do You Think Humans Will Set Foot on Mars?

2011-Sep-11, 05:50 PM
Last time we wanted to hear your opinions on when humans will return to the Moon. Now I’d like to engage Universe Today readers in another opinionated debate. When do you think humans will set foot on Mars for the first time? Will it be a specific country or an international team effort? Or do [...]

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2011-Sep-11, 08:17 PM
A very long time. :cry:

First , there are some technical problems to solve before planning a mission :

Developing an efficient propulsion which needs some serous advances in nuclear rockets or electro solar engines . Of course you could stay chemical but then you need an enormous space vessel.

Landing on Mars . IMO it is not an actually solved problem. The atmosphere is to thin to use only a shield and some chutes. Using rockets to brake when you are coming down supersonic is tricky to say the least .

the radiation problem , specially solar storms , and CME . I have read about some ideas but nothing concrete has been done.

Developing artificial gravity by rotating part or totality of the spaceship.

Having a functional and reliable air and water recycling . And may be learning to grow your own food in space in the same time.

Then the little problem of the money needed !

And Then the little problem of the political will to do the trip !

In my opinion , building and improving space stations, is the way to learn most of these technologies.And I count more on Space X and Bigelow than on NASA for this.

IMO the road to Mars begin in LEO. After all a Mars spaceship could be just a space station with a bigger motor.:think: