View Full Version : Nancy is STILL Putting Out Some Good Looney Tunes Stuff

2004-Jun-24, 10:02 PM
Nancy and ZetaTalk are still good for a few laughs!

From Signs of the Times #910, June 18

This is insider news from an institutional trader with deep government connections. The United States government is using emergency provisions, executive orders and Patriot Act provisions to move into the sequestration and closure business, shutting down all stocks and trades in the process with immediate effect from midnight on June 18, 2004. (emphasis added)

Guess Nancy and Troubled Times got their money out of the market in time!

See the rest of the nonsense at http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta116.htm

2004-Jun-24, 10:30 PM
Oh my.
Gotta love things like this. That was a funny read, and only makes me wonder if Nancy is trying get her fiction writing career going. It's just too unreal sometimes.

2004-Jun-26, 04:54 PM
So has anybody making "claims" :^o about Planet X ever been right about anything?

2004-Jun-28, 12:58 PM
Well, sure. Everybody who's said Ms. Lieder's Planet X doesn't exist has been right. :D

2004-Jun-28, 04:04 PM
Here's another new one, 6/27 ZetaBabble. Not worth a new thread, but good for a bemused laugh. It's an explanation of what is causing the current "earthchanges":

We have explained that the Deep Quakes that rose exponentially from about 1985 until the year 2000 were a reaction to the loss of heat particles from the core of the Earth, such that the crust plates, floating on the sea of magma, tightened into each other. (emphasis added)


"Heat Particles"?? #-o

There are some nice new lens flare pix there, also.

2004-Jun-28, 04:16 PM
"Heat Particles"?? #-o

If they mean infrared photons then, yes, [at a stretch] there are such things.

Doesn't stop the rest of it being bollox though, does it? #-o #-o #-o

2004-Jun-28, 06:34 PM
My views on part of this tripe. (http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta116.htm)

So having run up the national debt, and having dropped the dollar by more than half, and faced with rampant inflation, and finding that their bonds are now unattractive to foreign investors…

We entered into a recession in 2001 that slowed tax collections while at the same time placed increase demands for entitlements from the Federal government. This causes deficits, it always has and always will. No news here. The war also increased expenditures. Nevertheless, the national debt is within manageable proportions.

The dollar has declined compared to the euro but not by one half. The change since Jan 1, 2001 has been about 22%. Other trading partners such as Japan and China have been buying dollars by the billions to keep their own currencies from appreciating relative to the dollar. The yen appreciated against the dollar about 6% over the same time period, thus deprecating against the euro. Some effects of this are that European goods and vacations have become more expensive, that manufacturing firms are able to earn better margins on domestically produced goods, and that US based multinational firms are reporting higher net income on European operations because of the currency boost.

If US Treasury bonds are unattractive, why are interest rates at historic lows. High demand for bonds, like all goods, drive up price and thus interest rates fall. Yes, interest rates have increased modestly in the past several months, but this is due to known economic factors. No one who invests in bonds for a living gives a hoot about Planet X or Nancy. Besides where are Japan and China going to invest those dollars they are buying to devalue the Yen and Yuan. No one has a mattress big enough, so they buy US Treasury debt.

2004-Jun-29, 06:53 AM
Zetababble provides great entertainment.

2004-Jun-29, 02:10 PM
In the Conspiracy Theory Hall of Fame this must come top. No evidence, no correct prdictions and now trying to use economic data to prove something or other =D>