View Full Version : Evidence of Rocks = Evidence of Life

2004-Jun-26, 01:06 AM
Hey, all. I have been looking at the Mars images for a few seconds, trying to find evidence of fossilized life. However, I was very unsuccessful at first. Even when others pointed to patterns they saw in the rocks, I did not see them at all.

That all changed though when it hit me, Mars surface is littered with fossilized life forms! Now, I know what youíre thinking: Iím just a crackpot. I would have thought I was a crackpot too, until I realized that Martian creatures must have looked exactly like rocks!

In fact, if you acknowledge this, you will find that the whole surface of Mars is littered with evidence of life!

If you donít see it at first, just look at the image below.

Image (http://www.vibrahost.com/imagehost/uploads/evidenceofrocks.jpg)


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2004-Jun-26, 01:09 AM

I like the "Maybe" one.

2004-Jun-26, 01:39 AM
Thanks, Musashi.

2004-Jun-26, 06:45 AM
I don't see any rocks. There is no evidence of rocks on Mars.

2004-Jun-26, 12:04 PM
Looks like Oppurtunity landed in a bigger junkyard that Pathfinder.