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2011-Sep-16, 03:14 PM
In general (overall) is the reductions in the podcast AstronomyCast ok?
Opinions are mixed so let's clarify, please vote scale 1-5.


2011-Sep-25, 10:10 PM
I am not sure I understand the question here to be honest. (So I wont answer the poll)

But if its about the status the show is in now, I think its not good at all.
I used to listen to every show, but latley I have just stopped and havnt even listened to the last couple of shows, since I used to go here like almost every day 2 months in a row and not find a single new show, and then I stopped checking the page and when I got back some time later there were some shows, but the dates of the shows was not really dates of the shows, and I didnt really know when they were aired and so on. I felt that if there were some old shows there, I could just aswell listen to them later, and more and more shows started piling up as shows I havnt listened to.

First I wanna comment on what is NOT a problem.
1.) The show is a good show, and there is no problem with the quality of it.
2.) The reduction of the episodes to "about 40 a year instead of 52" as Pamela mentioned would not be a problem if that were kept. Even as low as 26 shows a year would be fine (if they were kept consistent).

So what is the problem with the state of the show now?
1.) Dates of the shows should be one of the following: a) When you release the show or b) when you record the show. Not some other date. (I myself would perfer the date to be when you release the show)
The reason I think that this should be the case is that if you go to a page and find that the latest show is 4 months old, you dont really feel the urge to listen to it tbh. Also you dont know when it was released and since science changes and new topics are brought up when they are fresh, you wouldnt know in what episode you would look for it.

2.) The shows should be aired at specific dates, intervals or something like that. ONE episode at a time. Make it every monday, except for during the summer, cristmas and so on. Or you could make it every other tuesday. Every 1st, 11th and 21st of every month would also work. Anything, just so that we would know when to expect a show and when to look for it.

3.) Shows are made and aired 3 at a time. I understand that there is a tight schedual and that the show cant be recorded every week. But if three episodes are made at the same time, they can still be aired at diffrent times, just so that we dont get bored in the time between episodes while we get flooded with episodes when they finaly get up on the page. Specific shows regarding "news" in the field should ofcourse have priority so that they get up in time, while other shows could be put up in whatever order you want. Just make filler episodes like "saturnus rings" where the facts doesnt change that fast, and pile them up to put out whenever there are no other news and when you dont have time to make an episode.

4.) Talk to the community. We understand that everyone involved in the show got a life of their own and that they need to take care of RL issues first. But its nice to talk to the listeners and tell them when we would expect a new episode instead of just dissapearing.

Hope you work things out, and when you do, please post a commennt of it on the forums, so I know when to start listening to the show again.

2011-Sep-26, 12:23 AM
Since Frasier and Pamela have lives, I'm not really bothered by the reduction in frequency, however if they are finding a weekly schedule cannot be maintained, they should just tell everybody that they're going to reduce the update rate to a schedule they can comfortably maintain.

2011-Sep-26, 01:00 AM
I think that the problem is that not only are their lives busy, but also chaotic, so they cannot keep a regular schedule. Believe me, I can relate to life being chaotic. They make an episode when they can. I agree with swampyankee that it would be better to date the episode when it is actually released, or at least when it is recorded.

2011-Sep-26, 02:53 AM
lets say for example that they record 3 episode at one point once a month.. What would be so bad with releasing them once a week for 3 weeks, and then posting the next one when they have time, instead of posting 3 shows at once, and then maybe 1 month to next one?

2011-Sep-26, 05:36 AM
Well Cyoor, the question is the episode frequency reduction and whether it is okay generally ie pamela and fraser to do it and/or if it makes life worst or better with the reductions etc. Its everything weighed up together whether opinions are mixed. Interestingly opinions about this are very mixed and i notice people stick up for pamela and fraser for their opinion and others just complain. Erm i cant see the poll moving yet! lol
As an example you amongst other things don't see why the point in the dates is for to be wrong basically, and as that single point you do have a point true; also u say the quality is fine so you would fall into a mixed opinion but how you'd poll is up to u.

2011-Sep-26, 05:52 AM
on the one hand you don't want to complain, on another u do think well they do say (40/52 weeks) but i check the feed (no astronomycast today i say all the time it seems) so i suppose well why say it and not do it (not that they owe us anything). With the date thing, well its just the way they are doing it so (they pamela, they fraser, it astronomycast lol).
Another problem is (just my opinion) they sometimes do one about someone no one cares about like some bloke in history lol so that wastes a podcast slot! (Hmm still listen to it though yeah!)
I have listened to them all at least once, twice i havn't detected anything that it will come to an end, infact i think this and definately next month they will either push the gas (im not american), or keep at a constant speed, and not slow down tbh they know about the dates and they do enjoy doing astronomycast.
maybe they cant be bothered as much these days with all they do tired, or maybe they dont have the time, lets be honest really because i can be bothered to write this post becuase i want to and feel i can always have the time for a few posts.

2011-Sep-26, 05:58 AM
My feed says there are 14 episodes between 8th APR and 8TH SEP thats 5 months, so thats 2.8 episodes a month.
They said a 40/52 reduction so thats about 25% reduction so thats 3 episodes every 4 weeks and they have done 2.8 episodes a month which is ok right?? (and correct??, what about before??)

2011-Sep-27, 01:27 AM
bestpodcast: Ofc 40 episodes a year is ok. The thing is that 40 episodes a year wouldnt be a reduction from how it have been the last two+ years, and if we get 40 episodes a year we are happy. Also the problem isnt really with the amount of episodes coming out, its with the inconsistent flow of them. 3 episodes one week, 2 episodes the next and then none for 2 months or something like that. So the question in the poll is just strange.

Its like having you taste some whine, and then ask the question: "How would you rate switching the beer you just drank for whine?"

2011-Sep-27, 08:22 AM
As already explained Cyoor i don't believe the poll question is just strange, i spent alot of time making sure i published it correctly. Again, just take all the things you have said here (i have read it all) and others not said and the average opinion will be the answer to the poll. If you don't understand the question still either:
1 let me know we'll discuss.
2 do a null vote, and for a null vote this is a don't vote.

ps i dont understand "Its like having you taste some whine, and then ask the question: "How would you rate switching the beer you just drank for whine?" can you explain this please.