View Full Version : "Unfriending" someone in real life (not FB)

2011-Sep-19, 12:33 PM
Has anyone else ever had the unfortunate experience of losing a friendship with a co-worker that you've known a long time? I just found that I could not connect with this person any longer and felt like they were always making excuses not to talk to me. I still deal with this person, but it is cold and professional. I miss our friendship and it hurts to see this person.

2011-Sep-19, 03:56 PM
It happens. I know a couple at ren faire whom I feel I've just kind of outgrown. My interests are continually growing and changing, and theirs aren't. And they assume I'm still passionately interested in the same things as they. (Honestly, I've never liked him very much.) Having conversations with them now is painful to me, because they're busy assuming I'm the same person.

2011-Sep-19, 06:42 PM
BBP, did you ask the other person what's wrong? They might just be going through a bad time that has nothing to do with you, or they might have heard some rumor about you that you can straighten out...

2011-Sep-19, 10:17 PM
A woman (acquaintance, not friend) about my age seems lately put off that I don't seem as friendly as before (I'm becoming concerned she's beginning to take it personally). Truth is, I'm not. It's nothing she has done. There have been recent financial difficulties, and another person is creating problems for others around us. Primarily because of personal money problems (hopefully shortlived), I'm not "my usual old self." I'm also very worried about the overall US economic situation. Last week I was "cold and professional" around this small group of people; but polite of course. Next time I see them, I intend to be warmer and more outreaching to the woman mentioned above; I don't want her worrying "maybe it's something I've done??" because it's not.

I'd ask your co-worker.

Hopefully just a transitory thing with him/her, as I hope my own current frame of mind is.