View Full Version : Narrow band Prawn Nebula

2011-Oct-05, 03:10 AM
Hi everyone,

First post to this great website. Being on holidays has allowed me the time to do some of the things I do not normally get a chance to do, like some imaging and processing time.

I'd like to share an image I have been collecting data on over a couple of weeks as it is not in a good spot from my home. Total time is about 4.5 hours in SII, OII and Ha captured through a Megrez 110 scope with a QHY9 mono camera and QHY filter wheel. Mounted on an EQ6 mount running PEC and guided over 15 mins for each exposure. Calibrated and stacked in CCDStack, post processing in Photoshop CS3 and PixInsight. Traditional Hubble palette used for base image.

As usual, any advice or pointers gladly accepted.




2011-Oct-05, 02:48 PM
Welcome to the group. Judging by the objects at your website you are imaging from a bit further south than my 47N latitude. We don't get many "down under" objects posted here so hope you can find the time to keep them coming.

Nice job on the Prawn. Ditto the rest of your site.


2011-Oct-06, 10:08 AM
Thanks Rick, I'm glad your seeing something different. I am at about 35 South, so yes, a lot further south than you. :)