View Full Version : Russian Soyuz Poised for 1st Blastoff from Europe’s New South American Spaceport

2011-Oct-19, 08:50 PM
A Russian Soyuz-2 rocket sits poised for its first ever blast off in less than 24 hours from a brand new launch pad built in the jungles of French Guiana, South America by the European Space Agency (ESA) . The payload for the debut liftoff of the Soyuz ST-B booster consists of the first pair [...]

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2011-Oct-19, 09:04 PM
Any chance of the French Guiana site being upgraded to manned Soyuz capability?

If so, it would be the first manned launch capability into polar orbits, such as a dawn-dusk sun synchronous orbit. Such an orbit would be an interesting place to put a space station, since it would enjoy 24/7 sunlight and wouldn't need rotating solar arrays (like the ISS).