View Full Version : Aurora Borealis in Southern Ohio Last night 10-24-2011

2011-Oct-25, 03:52 AM
Hi All,

WE had a nice Aurora display last night....it only lasted about 45 minutes or so, but was awesome!

Aurora Borealis on 10-24-2011
from John Bryan State Park, Yellow Springs, Ohio
30 second exposure, ISO 400, 8mm fisheye lens

Best Regards,
John Chumack

2011-Oct-25, 12:42 PM
Fantastic! It's great when auroras come that far from the poles. Wish I could have seen it here, but my roof was in the way ;)

2011-Oct-25, 05:39 PM
I saw the Lights during halftime of the MNF game in Cincinnati, OH (39N Lat). There was two red "clouds" shimmering in the north. I yelled for everyone to come see, and stress how rare it is to see the Lights so far south.

The patches of light fluctuated in intensity, and at one point, a green ray appeared to shoot "thru" on of the clouds. (It looked like a green ray from a setting sun).

Very cool. Only the third time I have seen the Lights in Cincy.

2011-Oct-25, 05:45 PM
I would love to be able to catch a glimpse of them where I live....I am not giving up hope yet :D

Stunning pictures!!!

2011-Oct-26, 09:11 AM
Wow - I had no idea you could see the aurora so far south. Perhaps I need a road trip to Ohio or points north.

2011-Oct-26, 12:01 PM
The Guardian newspaper has some nice piccies here (http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/gallery/2011/oct/26/northern-lights-in-pictures)

2011-Oct-26, 05:33 PM
Dang I cannot believe I missed this, I didn't even KNOW about it. Great pics though, the fisheye sets it off.

2011-Oct-26, 08:31 PM
Very cool pictures John! I wasn't aware until the 26th that the aura borealis could be seen in Southern OH last Monday, 24 Oct. Ironically, I was at Glen Helen Monday afternoon photographing large oak trees. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon.

Thanks for sharing, Doug Taylor

2011-Oct-27, 04:40 AM
Great looking pictures John :)
I myself have only seen an aurora once in Australia (pale green) and didn't make a picture of it :(

2011-Oct-27, 07:55 PM
Thanks Everyone,

They were amazing as usual, but only last about 45 minutes this time, the last time was we got them this good was back in November 7th - 10th of 2004! Yes 4 nights in a row and all night long they lasted, it was truely amazing to see!

Hopefully in the next few Months & years we will get more as we head toward Solar Maximum in 2013!

2011-Oct-31, 01:50 PM
Absolutely stunning, i would love to see them myself one day. great images, thanks for sharing.