View Full Version : Io Occults its Shadow prior to Jupiter's Opposition - Oct 27-28

2011-Oct-26, 01:24 AM
Jupiterís Galilean satellite #1 Io and its shadow will both transit Jupiter during the night of 2011 OCT 27/28. In fact, Io will appear to partially occult its own shadow. Practically speaking, this can only be observed near the time of Jupiterís solar opposition which will occur later on the 28th. Additionally, during these transits satellite #3 Ganymede will first become eclipsed by Jupiterís shadow and then become occulted behind the planet.

Iíve created two preview graphics of these events to help you get a better picture in your mind of how these bodies will be positioned relative to each other. Just click www.CurtRenz.com/jupiter

Photos and descriptions of these events would be welcome additions to this thread.