View Full Version : Astronomy Before the Storm 10-24/25-11

2011-Oct-26, 05:52 PM
Living down here in Florida,only time we have cloud free night late Summer an Fall is if a Hurricane sucks them all up. I set-up with plan of getting Mars in the AM hours. I hit Jupiter first,just missed the Eye but got frames anyway.Went to Uranus got photo frames an stacked,Neptune was behind the "Mighty Oak" in the backyard,my Nemis on alot Southern targets! While i was planet set up i decided to expeirment on Planetery nebula's..I use an 8" scope,on EQ mount,with 14mm eyepiece an the EOS camera attached that extendiable, I took about 15 frame each Nebula useing 2 minute subs at ISO1600 in JPEG,all stacked in Registax5,Neb2,Gimp2. The Catseye,Blue Snowball, my faverit "Clown Face" Nebula aka Eskimo..8^)




I then went two hours at F0 on the M74 Phantom Galaxy,8 min subs,actualy turned out ok till last 5 frames caught lens trash/bug/dew droplett, but not neat enough to post, as was the Uranus or Jupiter pics. Now its 6am..Hello Mars..Hiya Snowcaps!! an it's only getting closer so it'll only get bigger in the Eyepiece!


6:30am Est,I packed in,stripped down,got in bed, Girlfreind comes back in the door from taking the kids to school, "Hey.did you see the Moon??" I couldn't see it from the backyard an my tree coverages,I knew it was sliver from catching it morning before ( i did 8 hour startrail around Polaris).So it's back dressed,grab the EOS an telephoto an tri-pod,head out front an Snap,the 6 percent Moon luminated,10-25-11,7am Est,Orlando,FL,USA



2011-Nov-10, 06:42 PM
Nice pictures and I love the timeline of events... I can relate to nights like these! It's very exciting to see Mars getting closer. I have been observing it since late September but have yet to capture an acceptable image of it. Keep up the great work!

- Trevor